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16 Months Later

August 31, 2015

Hello blog. I am alive. It appears that I have taken an unannounced 16-month-long sabbatical (I won’t be counting the post in January) from the blog. I’d like to think that, in my long absence from writing stuff on the internet, while also enduring the darkest year of my life so far, I’ve accomplished some filmic feats worth blogging about.

The last year has been different for me. I didn’t make any short films or lead any projects, save for a couple of class projects that I feel were too restricted by their specific rules to call them anything other than exercises. What ended up filling my year of filmwork instead was helping out on many films, led by other students, acquaintances, and good friends. Instead of an exploration of self-expression through the medium, this year has been an exploration of collaboration, teamwork, and being as much of a positive force in my role in whatever short film I was working on as I could be. Every film was vastly different from the last, and the diversity between the projects in subject matter, collaborators, budget, tools, and procedure was very useful in gaining knowledge about all the different ways people approach filmmaking. Even the more unenjoyable projects offered their own valuable insights (usually what not to do).

So despite no shorts, it’s been a productive and valuable year for me. It would be an extravagantly long post if I was going to talk about it all right now, so what I will do instead in the coming weeks is make several blog posts specific to the projects I worked on. In these posts, I’ll go into detail about my experiences with the project, what I learned, what I struggled with, any revelations major or minor, and anything else that might be useful to blog about. There will be lots of juicy content, pictures, VFX breakdowns, and other things of that nature for anyone interested. I’ll be posting these in order of when I did them until we are finally caught up to the present day.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed that things were going to be okay. I didn’t think I’d have accomplished much at all by this point. Now, standing on the other side of what feels like the Mariana Trench, I can safely say that things are going to be more than okay, or good: they’re going to be great.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove of writing and sharing my filmtastic experience with y’all. It’s been much too long, and there is much to talk about and digest.

Stay tuned!


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