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A Farewell To 2015

January 5, 2016

It seems that all of my attempts to structure the blog or declare “the next five blog posts will be about this” result in just a couple of meager efforts, followed by dead silence for the next two or four or sixteen months. You’d think I’d learn the obvious lesson here when it happens for the umpteenth time, but I think I forget every now and then; the lesson being: this thing works best as an unorganized collection of thoughts, ramblings, news, and behind-the-scenes posts. My apprehension about posting ‘new stuff’ grows exponentially when said ‘new stuff’ has to abide by some arbitrary theme that two-month-ago me thought was a good idea; proving that, at least currently, my disposition is changing on a monthly basis. Hooray, early-twenties. Never failing to be the most upheaving series of years in my life.

So, I won’t be doing individual write-ups about the seven short films, two feature films, one VFX test, and eight TV episodes I played important roles in during my sixteen-month-long absence from the blogosphere like I said I was going to. What I’ll do for now is link you to my newest showreel (fun fact: the last one was released before this blog existed!), which conveniently shows you a bite-sized, curated slice of that stuff I did. The icing. The bock. The most marketable stuff that I could squeeze into a yoga-pants-tight two-minute running time. So here you go, enjoy:


Happy New Year and stay tuned for my plans and ideas for the 2016. It’s going to be quite exciting indeed.



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