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August 31, 2016

My next short film may or may not be called Firewing. I may be talking about it a lot on the good ‘ol blog in the next few months, or I may leave this place a dark and echoey chamber as it has dutifully been for the last couple of years. Hopefully, we get the former.


Firewing is most easily described as a giant monster movie. In the short, we follow a USAF fighter pilot and mother as she’s called to defend her hometown against a giant creature. As she battles in the skies, her daughter tries to escape on the ground. The short has scenes featuring a computer-generated monster, destruction on a city-wide scale, a realistic, fully-realized fighter jet comprised of a blend of both practical and computer-generated geometry, among other things. To tie it all together, the movie will also be made to look like one uninterrupted take from the beginning to the end of its 15 minute running time.

I’m writing about it months before actors are cast, locations are secured, things are built, and the gears of production begin turning because I’m both super excited and scared about it in these early stages. So I’m gonna write. The scope of the project is very much beyond anything I’m experienced with. The cinematography and VFX, for instance, are some of the most challenging aspects of this movie because of all the minute ways in which these two concepts interact with and rely on each other throughout the running time. Those two things, in a larger network of other things, build a lot of interesting moments in the movie. There are other challenges, logistics, questions, many of them that’ll be explored later in the process. I thought a good while about whether the kind of commitment required to make all of those things a reality would be truly worth it or not. My answer to that was quick and clear – Yes. Hell yes.

Eventually, I took a breath and dived into preproduction. Thankfully, a small group of good friends and collaborators have joined me on this quest. I’ve been on a daily mission to bring this movie to life since. I’m excited to say that, barring any unforeseen disaster, Firewing will slowly but surely be a reality by around this time next year.

I’m very stoked about it. This is my first movie in two years. It was a concept I always talked about but never wrote. Eventually, my good friend Wyatt put a story down on paper, and gave it all purpose and context and humanity. So I have him to thank for getting this all started.

Firewing’s coming. More on it soon.






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